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We can break the cycle if we change how it starts. It starts right where they live.


Learning centers for children are planted right in the most crime-ridden neighborhoods. Break the cycle by equipping children where they live—on their own street.

Want to know the ingredients for a transformation?

Delivering practical skills to a child's doorstep unlocks a whole new path to their future.

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Right Now!
Together, we are providing academic assistance, empowering communities, and changing lives!
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Providing opportunities for children to acquire valuable skills, such as problem-solving, critical thinking, communication, and teamwork, through interactive and hands-on activities. 
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We provide free educational and comprehensive services, supported by compassionate mentors and volunteers.
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Under-resourced children in our communities are being helped each day, all thanks to our dedicated staff, volunteer mentors, and donors (like you!), who are committed to making a positive impact in their lives.


The ripple effect

When a Leaven Kids center is established in a community, our children are provided with access to educational resources, mentorship, and a safe and supportive environment, which enables them to excel in school and reach their full potential.  Families start to believe for a better future, crime and gang activities are deterred,  property values rise, and communities are transformed!

Good intentions must be replaced by practical skill-building that prepares children for a new future.

Here’s what community transformation looks like:
(stats and stories about what a charity for children can do

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Just the facts
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As a parent of 5, this father didn't learn to read until he was in prison. He didn't want the same for his children. Site Director Deede built a strong relationship with him and his children, often staying late and continuing to help them through distance learning during COVID.
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Miriam came to Leaven Kids as a 4th grader, reading at a 1st-grade level. Leaven Kids had her help other young readers as she learned to read at a higher grade level, and coordinated with her teacher to create special homework. She now reads at a 5th grade level in 4th grade and even made the honor roll!
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Reina, a regular at Leaven Kids for many years, has always dreamed of being a "cop with a dog." Leaven Kids arranged for her to meet canine officers Gutierrez and four-legged-partner Leon, who encouraged her to keep working hard. At the beginning of her 4th-grade year, her teacher said her reading level had raised an entire grade over the summer.

Leaven Kids’ model focuses on three primary areas: early education, crime reduction, and transformed communities.

"We've been able to measure a decrease in crime related to the opening of a Leaven Center."

Joe Allio  |  Police Chief, City of Fairfield (ret)

Illiteracy is common

1 in 7 people in Solano County over the age of 16 are illiterate.

Illiteracy is generational

72% of illiterate children have illiterate parents.

Illiteracy destroys futures

75% of state prison inmates are classified as low-literate.

Families want our centers

21% increase in tenant occupancy rates in rental complexes with Leaven centers.

Our model reduces crime

53% average decrease in crime in neighborhoods with a Leaven center. Stat varies by center.

100% improvement in skills

After one year at our center, 100% of children have significantly improved their literary and math skills.

Impact a child's life today!