Financial Transparency

At Leaven Kids, we don’t take trust lightly. We know that every time you donate your time or your money, you have an expectation that we will do what we say we will do. Our mission compels us to act with integrity and honesty. No ifs, buts or ands – simply put, we exist to help communities and kids.

Independent Board

Our board members are not employees of Leaven Kids, have no conflicts of interest and receive no compensation.

Fiduciary Responsibility

Our board members have accepted a position of trust, granted to them by donors, grantors and community stakeholders, to manage and protect the assets of Leaven Kids.

Donations Stay in the Community

Although Leaven Kids has programs in both Northern and Southern California, each area is independently funded. Also, donations given specifically for a single center are used for that center’s activities.

Annual Audit

Each year, an independent auditor reviews our financial records and publishes an audit that notes discrepancies, if any.

990 Report

We file an annual report to the Internal Revenue Service, called a 990. This reports on our financials and significant policies, and is a public document.

Use of Funds

Seventy-five cents of every dollar we receive goes directly to our programs. The other 25 cents covers our administration, management and fundraising.

Reserve Funds

Without holding excessive funds that were donated to fulfill our mission, Leaven Kids maintains a small reserve fund so we can meet our financial obligations if income were to decline.


We regularly have our programs formally and informally reviewed by local educators who hold us accountable to helping kids succeed in the classroom.


We meet all requirements for submitting reports to our grantors, showing them how funds were used and the impact they made.

Guests Welcome

Donors are welcome to arrange a visit to a center to see Leaven Kids' programs for themselves.

Staff Training is Vigorous

New site directors attend extensive training sessions and work one-on-one with an experienced site director before being placed in a leadership role at a center.

Confidentiality is Never Compromise

We safeguard our donor’s records and our volunteers’ personal information.

Volunteers are Background Checked

No one is allowed to volunteer at a Leaven center without first undergoing an extensive background check that is provided by law enforcement.

Centers are Secured

Every Leaven center has extra security to ensure the safety of our students and our property.

Children's Privacy is Protected

A child’s name, photo or story is not used without permission or without removing information that could be used to potentially harm that child.