Trapped in a broken system.

Children are growing up in the most heartbreaking circumstances, in your community with no way out.


It Affects Us All

It may not be on your regular driving route, but what is happening in the most crime-ridden neighborhoods in your area affects the entire community.


Neighborhoods Without Hope

These are neighborhoods without hope, where repeated efforts to bring change all seem to become another band-aid, and the people who are charged with enforcement, education, and care seem powerless.


The Cycle Repeats Itself

It all piles up: low educational outcomes, violence in the home, crime, drugs, poor work prospects. It’s a never-ending cycle.


The Impact On Children

The impact on children guarantees the cycle will continue. Children at risk growing up in these environments are on a predictable path to generational brokenness.

You'd like to believe that change is possible.

These children need something more than a series of well-intentioned, one-off attempts that leave neighborhoods just as troubled as when they began.


You need to find a solution that offers real hope and true transformation for these children and families.

Leaven Kids child waving american flag
Children would
experience change right where they live.
Leaven Kids child reading
You would see the transformation in tangible ways.
Leaven Kids chid smiling with pencil in hand
A solution that invests in children to create real skills and a hopeful future.

What we keep trying that still isn't delivering change.

Good intentions and honest efforts still aren't correcting the problems.


Reforming the System

It seems like there are always new initiatives and efforts to break the cycle, but they only achieve small gains in just one of the many systems that are interconnected and broken (family, education, crime, health, poverty, work).

Pushing a Positive PR Story

Many leaders work hard to present a hopeful perspective to inspire and encourage the community. But, they would be the first to agree that it takes more than a good story to deliver the actual skills or experiences that let people choose a different future.


Focusing on the Symptoms

Charities do good work addressing critical needs, but these only provide a temporary lift that helps for the short-term while still leaving neighborhoods in the same condition.

We cannot leave children in a broken system and expect anything to change.

Transformation can’t just be a good idea or a feel-good news story. It has to reduce crime, increase educational outcomes, and actually make the neighborhood a better place to live. Change has to impact the place where the cycle starts: with children.

What if one simple strategy could create real transformation?

Let us tell you what we've discovered about unlocking a new future for the most crime-ridden neighborhoods.