Start a Transformation
Open the door for a child who never thought they’d have a chance.
Your gift will provide a child with the essentials they need to thrive in school and life. Things like:
  • One-on-one tutoring and mentoring
  • A healthy snack each day after school
  • Educational activites including STEAM
  • So much more!
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Proof of Change

What $30/mo Can Do

Leaven Kids programs have proven that when children are successful in school, and have a positive adult influence in their lives, they are significantly less likely to drop out, commit a crime, or join a gang.

Your monthly gift will provide a child with the essentials they need to thrive in school and life including:


Year-round attention from dedicated, caring adults


One-on-one tutoring and mentoring


Educational activities including STEAM


Homework help


A healthy snack each day after school


Teaching about nutrition and managing finances


Positive socialization


Enrichment activities and field trips


Interaction with community leaders


Summer programming


Outreach to parents and teachers

Join the Movement

How you can be a part of breaking the cycle.

Watch them Transform

You’ll see how whole neighborhoods are impacted as we share the stories and real data that you’re making possible.  

Hear about safer streets, better grades, and aspirations coming to life.


Share in the Experience

Experience Leaven Kids firsthand by joining a virtual meeting where influential leaders inspire children with what’s possible for their lives. 

We’ll also invite you to other opportunities to join the team and see the work in action.


Deliver on Hope

Impact the lives of children in the most crime-ridden neighborhoods. 

Support practical skills, tutoring and mentoring that put hope into the heart of a child, inspire a family, change a neighborhood, and open a new future for a city.

Help us create actual change.

Join the Leaven Kids movement and inspire a transformation that starts at a child's doorstep.