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By Leaven Kids on January 20, 2023

Press Release

Leaven Kids Board of Directors Approve Motion to Memorialize Belated Major Harry Price with Naming Recognition

  • The Leaven Kids Board of Directors is moving forward with a motion to name an existing or in-development educational program in honor of belated Mayor Harry Price
  • The Leaven Kids Naming and Stewardship Sub-Committee will submit a finalized proposal to the Board of Directors for approval in the coming weeks
  • This effort is meant to memorialize belated Mayor Harry Price, who was a founding member of Leaven Kids and a long-time supporter of their educational development programs

FAIRFIELD, CA - The Leaven Kids Board of Directors unanimously approved a motion to name an existing or in-development educational program after belated Mayor Harry Price. As a founding member and long-time supporter of Leaven Kids, this naming recognition is meant to memorialize Mayor Price's contributions to the Leaven Kids mission.

The motion was led by Leaven Kids Board Member and former City of Vacaville Mayor, Len Augustine.

“Harry Price has been an incredible spokesperson for Leaven Kids since the beginning," Augustine said. "His love for improving the lives of children in-need has been an inspiration for many of us. As a close friend of Harry's for over 25 years, I know his passion for improving the educational experience."

The recently formed Leaven Kids Naming and Stewardship Sub-Committee will draft a formal proposal and submit it to the Board of Directors for review and approval over the coming weeks. The sub-committee is being led by retired 4-star U.S. Air Force General and Leaven Kids Board of Directors, Vice President, General Maryanne Miller (Ret.).

“Mayor Price had a unique gift with children,” Miller said. "The leadership and passion he brought to the classroom served as an inspiration to our students, igniting in them an undeniable love for learning that will continue to serve them throughout their entire lives. These qualities exemplify the very values that our program seeks to promote - values that we hope to memorialize by naming one of our existing or in-development programs in his honor."

General Miller has a heralded history of service to the greater North Bay community. During her time in the U.S. Air Force, Miller served as the 349th Air Mobility Wing commander at Travis Air Force Base. She was a Fairfield resident for several years and, most recently, was selected to serve as the Vice President for the Leaven Kids Board of Directors. She has a personal connection with the surrounding community and feels passionately about honoring Mayor Price's legacy of service, which drove the Board's decision to appoint her as the Chair of this sub-committee.

Mayor Len Augustine will serve as the Co-Chair. Supporting members include Chief Joe Allio, former Chief of Police for the City of Fairfield and Leaven Kids Board President; Sheriff Thomas Ferrara, Solano County Sheriff and Leaven Kids Board Member; Judge Mike Nail, former Superior Court Judge and former Leaven Kids Board President; Dr. Chris Walker, Kaiser Permanente Physician in Charge; Osby Davis, former City of Vallejo Mayor; and Lisa Brasher, Jelly Belly Candy Company CEO. The Price family will also be involved in the naming decision.

"It's important to recognize the contributions of those who came before us - the trailblazers who helped build the Leaven Kids that we know today," Augustine noted. "Mayor Price was instrumental to our success. His legacy and the transformative impact he had on the community will forever be reflected in the Leaven Kids mission.”

Leaven Kids offers its heartfelt condolences to the Price family and is grateful to have participated in the recent memorial service which honored the legacy and public service of belated Mayor Harry Price.


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Published by Leaven Kids January 20, 2023
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