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By Leaven Kids on November 30, 2022

Press Release

Leaven Kids Raises Over $63,000 for Children’s Learning Centers During 13-Hour Radio Marathon

  • Leaven Kids raised over $63,000 during their annual Day of Giving Radiothon event
  • This fundraising campaign provides critical resources to Leaven Kids learning centers, which offer free after-school tutoring and educational resources to hundreds of students every week

FAIRFIELD, CA - Over $63,000 was raised by North Bay non-profit, Leaven Kids, during their annual Day of Giving Radiothon fundraising event, November 29, 2022.

The event showcased 12 community leaders who were interviewed over a 13-hour period on 95.3 KUIC, a Vacaville-based radio station that serves the greater-Sacramento Valley. Each featured guest spoke on the transformative impact of the Leaven Kids program, shared stories of participating students who overcame incredible adversity and encouraged listeners to consider supporting their community-oriented mission through charitable donations.

Guest appearances during the Radiothon included:

Mayor Harry Price; City of Fairfield
William McManus; Police Chief, City of San Antonio
General David Goldfein (Ret.); USAF
General Maryanne Miller (Ret.); USAF
Dr. Chris Walker; Physician in Charge, Kaiser Permanente (Napa and Solano) Kevin Miller; CEO, Travis Credit Union
Matt Luchenbauch; Fire Chief, City of Fairfield
Kris Concepion; Fire Chief, City of Vacaville
Ian Schmutlzer; Police Chief, City of Vacaville
Thomas Ferrara; Sheriff, Solano County
Dan Marshall; Incoming Police Chief, City of Fairfield
Len Augustine; Former Mayor, City of Vacaville

The event served to educate members of the public on the life-changing impact that such after-school programs can have on children living in historically underserved communities.

“We’re incredibly grateful to John, Donna, Jim and Joe at 95.3 KUIC for allowing us to share our story with their listeners,” said Mark Lillis, Chief Executive Officer for Leaven Kids. “Every day we’re inspired by the courage, perseverance and fortitude of these young kids. The spirit and passion they bring to the classroom is at the heart of what we do. We’re proud to share their success stories and showcase the transformative impact that such educational investments can have on a community.”

Leaven Kids serves hundreds of students every week by providing free after-school tutoring, adult-led mentorship, educational field trips and other enrichment activities in neighborhoods hardest hit by poverty, crime, and high drop-out rates among youth. Of participating students surveyed, 100% reported improvements in literacy and math skills, 40% cited an increase in confidence and self esteem, and 75% demonstrated new and healthy behavior patterns.

“We’re more than just an after-school tutoring program,” Lillis added. “Every week we serve hundreds of young children in under-resourced communities, giving them the mentorship, support, and academic resources they need to succeed in school and in life.”

Leaven Kids operates nearly two dozen learning centers located throughout California and Texas. Funds raised during this year’s Day of Giving Radiothon will be used to support these learning centers as they continue to provide free after-school tutoring and mentorship to children struggling to succeed in the classroom.

Members of the public can help support the Leaven Kids mission by visiting donate.


About Leaven Kids

Since 2009, Leaven Kids has provided free after-school tutoring and mentoring to some of California’s most at-risk neighborhoods. It serves as an in-community resource for children and their families by building educational centers in areas hardest hit by poverty, crime, and high drop-out rates among youth. With the help of dedicated volunteers, Leaven Kids helps to transform entire communities by providing love and patience to children struggling to learn and succeed in school. To learn more, visit

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Published by Leaven Kids November 30, 2022
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