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By Leaven Kids on November 14, 2022

Press Release

Leaven Kids Hosts Virtual Career Broadening Session for At-Risk Youth

  • Guest speakers from Bristow Group Inc. shared insight about working in the aviation industry during a virtual career broadening session hosted by Leaven Kids
  • Engagements like these spark important conversations about life after school and foster a positive learning environment focused on curiosity and embracing new perspectives

FAIRFIELD, CA - Leaven Kids, a North Bay non-profit, hosted a virtual career broadening session for at-risk youth today at Travis Credit Union in Vacaville, CA. The engagement included remarks from three guest speakers representing Bristow Group Inc., a global leader in helicopter transportation and aviation solutions.

Organized by General Maryanne Miller (Ret.), Vice President of Leaven Kids, the event introduced young students from historically underserved communities to new and exciting careers in the aviation industry. Each featured guest spoke about their current role with Bristow and answered questions from students about their individual journeys towards a career in aviation.

“Many of the students we serve have never left their current zip code,” said Gen. Miller. “It can be challenging for young kids to see the tremendous opportunities that are available to them when they only know the world within their immediate surroundings. By providing a diversity of new perspectives, our hope is to inspire these bright, young kids to dream big and consider the exciting possibilities that exist for them outside of the classroom.”

Previous guest speakers have included Heather Wilson, the former-Secretary of the Air Force, Dennis Muilenburg, former-President and Chief Executive Officer of Boeing, and General David Goldfein (Ret.), former-Chief of Staff of the Air Force. By introducing students to life-filled leaders from a variety of specialties and backgrounds, Leaven Kids can facilitate important conversations about career development, practical skill-building and embracing new perspectives.

“We believe the key to sparking a child’s passion for learning starts with delivering an unforgettable classroom experience,” said Mark Lillis, Chief Executive Officer for Leaven Kids. “Our program aligns data-proven academic curriculum with character formative experiences to deliver a truly transformative educational experience. ”

Leaven Kids provides free after-school tutoring and educational resources to hundreds of students every week, bringing desperately needed resources to historically underserved communities throughout California and Texas. This award-winning educational program continues to transform the lives of young students in need, with 100% of students served reporting improvements in literacy and math skills, 40% citing an increase in confidence and self esteem, and 75% demonstrating new and healthy behavior patterns.

“This is an important experience for these young kids,” Gen. Miller added. “We’re laying the foundation for these children to unlock their full-potential by introducing them to life-filled business leaders and facilitating thoughtful conversation.”


About Leaven Kids

Since 2009, Leaven Kids has provided free after-school tutoring and mentoring to some of California’s most at-risk neighborhoods. It serves as an in-community resource for children and their families by building educational centers in areas hardest hit by poverty, crime, and high drop-out rates among youth. With the help of dedicated volunteers, Leaven Kids helps to transform entire communities by providing love and patience to children struggling to learn and succeed in school. To learn more, visit

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Published by Leaven Kids November 14, 2022
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